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Importance of Digital Interviews

The digital interviewing process involves using the internet rather than having a physical meeting with the potential applicant, and it can be done over a tablet, telephone, or a computer. The technique might seem less personal and not normal, but it is becoming increasingly popular for employers and job seekers especially as an initial screening option. Organizations prefer this strategy especially for internal hiring. The digital interviews has enabled companies to meet with applicants from any part of the world. It adds a personal touch to the initial screening process. This article looks at the benefits of digital interviews to both the candidate and the company.

Digital interviews provide a better recruitment experience for employer and candidates. An applicant will be able to discover more about a business before traveling for the onsite sitting with the hiring panel. Entities are going for this method because they are able to meet the applicant correctly and in a more personal way compared to phone interviews. The method allows a company to understand the right position for candidates depending on their skills and competency, therefore, making the placement procedure more efficient. Online interviews enable an organization to talk too many interested individuals and save on time because the entire process is fast.

Online interviewing is the only way to meet and interact with candidates from different parts of the world. The online alternative is ideal when involving candidates who come from abroad and who might have to pay a large amount of money to get to your premises for the initial interview. It makes it easy for the candidate and employer especially when both do not know if the role is fit for the applicant. When applicants are aware that they can use the digital interview during the first interaction with the company, it is evident that many candidates apply for the position. The hiring firms ensure that the digital interviewing option has an app where a candidate can log on from their phone or tablet wherever they are to take part in an interview.

Majority of the hiring organization will first carry out phone interviews to access the right candidates for the company. Interviewing the candidates using the digital interviews gives a company a chance to see and assess an individual making it easy for the candidate and the company. The digital interviews tend to be less tiresome compared to physical interviews where you have to move from one place to another and incurring extra charges. The first screening procedure is actually cumbersome to both the company and the applicants. If an applicant feels that, they have already met you even if it is online, they will be more confident to continue with the recruitment process.

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